Odyssey File And Serve Nm


Odyssey File And Serve Nm

Posted by Bouton Adalene on Monday, 17 February, 2020 12:59:28

For instructions on how to use the Secured Odyssey Public Access (SOPA) application, to fill out an Public Access registration application, or to read the Supreme Court Rule for public access to case information, please click on the Public Access Help link at the bottom of this page.

With Odyssey File & Serve you can gain access to electronically filed case documents and electronic filings via one centralized location in the system and view a master list of all parties that currently receive electronic filing service on a particular case.

CHAPTER 3 E-FILING OVERVIEW TOPICS COVERED IN THIS CHAPTER ♦ FILING QUEUE STATUS This section describes the e-filing process. Figure 3.1 - The E-filing Process Once a user has registered to use File & Serve, a filer can electronically file documents to the court.

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Odyssey eFileGA is an e-filing solution that allows users to easily open court cases and file documents from a single website to mulitple courts. Top 10 Tips for E-Filing Learn how to how to e-file like a pro with advice from filers already using the Odyssey system. The State of New Mexico.

If your service contact is not included in the service contacts field at the time you submit your filing, the Court will not be able to serve a copy of the order electronically through this system. San Luis Obispo County Users: You can now eFile in the following civil case types: Unlimited, Limited, Small Claims, Probate and Guardianships