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Granite Canvas Gradebook

Posted by Brassard Adrianne on Friday, 14 February, 2020 05:45:05

The Granite School District is committed to making our content accessible to all members of the public and district, including those with disabilities. If this applies to you, and you would like to provide feedback or report a concern, please contact our Communications Office .

From this page, parents and students are able to access the Granite School District's "Gradebook" program. Click on the picture below to access the login page. If this is your first time logging into Gradebook or you need help, please refer to the tutorials below.

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At the course level, instructors can use the New Gradebook if enabled by their Canvas admin in Course Settings. The New Gradebook replaces functionality of the current Gradebook. However, New Gradebook can be disabled by the admin at any time without affecting Gradebook data. Permissions. No additional permissions are required for this feature.

You don't have any messages to show in your stream yet. Once you begin participating in your courses you'll see this stream fill up with messages from discussions, grading updates, private messages between you and other users, etc.

The Gradebook is generally designed for one instructor role to enter grades at a time. Because of how the Gradebook loads and stores data in the browser, multiple users should not grade assignments at the same time since each grader cannot view the most recent information for a submission.