Bsnl User Login Example

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Bsnl User Login Example

Posted by Bruneau Amitee on Wednesday, 26 February, 2020 13:24:41

BSNL Portal

Account Name - BSNL Voip .You can set this to whatever you like, its just a name for the account. I'd suggest Host - The domain name shown after activation in (Eg for Karnataka it will be Username - The username shown after activation in Eg +91802999XXXX

set one : login Userid PW example : [email protected] PW : xxxxxxx set two: Portal Id PW example deb12345112009 PW password set three: email id and password. example [email protected] PW default by BSNL. Now You may try set one , and does not work contact JTO of your exchange. First try to connect at Dataone WebMail

Make a call to your exchange. They keep it in their records. Ask for Service user ID and portal ID and password for both IDs. As mentioned above, password is normally password for both. Also mention your location. Which portal do you use to check usage ? If you are in one of the self care portals, you need to register there again.

BSNL Landline. New Telephone Connection; Tariff Plans; Prepaid Landline; Telephone Facilities; Other Charges; NGN Based VAS(WINGS) WINGS; WINGS Closed User Group; WINGS VIDEO CONFERENCE; WINGS FOLLOW ME; Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony; Wi-Fi. Overview; Access to Hasslefree WiFI; Hotspot

One of the 3 papers of telephone bill will have broadband username written on it.That sheet is below where the bsnl broadband username portion is highlighted.